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You should only send your child to school 
if you have to, because your work is
critical to our COVID-19 response.


If you are able to keep your child at home, you should.

Trip to Southwell Racecourse

Practical learning at Southwell Racecourse

A group of year 7 went to Southwell Racecourse for the day to learn some of the real life applications of mathematics.  

Throughout the day pupils engaged in a variety of practical learning activities around the racecourse. Students used their measuring and maths skills in the parade ring where they had to calculate how many horses can safely parade at any one time. In the Weighing Room they used their numeracy skills to explore the effect of weight on performance and out on the track the focus switched to race distances and the use of metric and imperial measurements.

Students also got to experience the running of a working racetrack and be in areas they normally would not be able to – including running on the racetrack! The day concluded with students being able to see the horses and jockeys in the parade ring before watching the first race of the day.

The students had a very enjoyable day and we were also provided with a work booklet which was followed up in subsequent mathematics lessons.