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Provisional Exam Results 2019

At The Dukeries Academy we're proud of the success of our students. We believe that we create a climate in which all students can achieve. We continually strive for better and higher standards in order to prepare them well for the next stage in their lives. When our young people finally leave us, we know they'll be well-equipped for achieving yet more success.

Please use this link to access the Nottinghamshire school performance tables and see the position of The Dukeries in relation to other schools.

Key Stage 4

The Dukeries Academy are celebrating an incredible set of results - the best ever in the academy’s history. Once again, the progress that our students have made looks set to be above national averages. A record 60% of students will leave the academy with Grade 4 passes in both English and Maths. 63% of students achieved a good pass in Maths, with 80% of students achieving the same in English. 29% of students achieved the highest possible grades of 7-9 in these subjects, representing exceptional progress and attainment.

We are also celebrating the outstanding results of Y10 students, some of whom completed their GCSE English Literature examinations a year early. 25% of students achieved a Grade 7 or higher, with 80% achieving a good pass.

GCSE Results Summary


2016-17 2017-18  2018 - 2019

A*-C English and

Maths combined

*47% 4+

30% 5+

*56% 4+

29% 5+

*60% 4+

*38% 5+

Progress 8 score

0.04 *0.03 *0.17
Attainment 8 Score 43.8 43.9 48.91
% achieving the EBacc

18% 4+

15% 5+

*17% 4+

11% 5+

*21% 4+

*16% 5+

*2016/17 – Introduction of the reformed 9-1 GCSE’s in Mathematics, English Literature and English Language. 2017/18 – introduction of the reformed GCSE’s in majority of subjects

Education, Employment and Training after Key Stage 4

Destinations % 2016/17 2017/18
Overall sustained education, employment or training 95% 95%
FE or sixth form college 44% 37%
School sixth form 33% 33%
Other education 14% 5%
Other sustained destination 0 16%
Apprenticeships 4% 4%
Unknown 5% 5%

Key Stage 5

Our students once again achieved beyond national expectations. We are celebrating the majority of our students achieving A*-B grades and 73% achieving A*-C grades.

A*-B grades increased from 41% in 2016 to 53% in 2018

A*-C grades remained consistently strong at 61%

GCE A Level - 94% pass rate

A Level grades were in line with the National Average of a C-

BTEC Level 3 grades are in line with the National Average M+

The percentage of students who get to the end of their study programme is currently 86%.


Education, Employment and Training after key stage 5

Destinations % 2015/16 2016/17 2017/18
Higher education institution 49% 53% 89%
FE college 16% 3% 0
Apprenticeships 17% 9% 7%
Employment/training 16% 26% 4%
Unknown 2% 9% 0

If you would like to see the DfE performance tables page for the Dukeries Academy please click here